Agency: Edelman Chicago / Client: Synergy Pharmaceuticals
Meet the Poop Troop, 14 full animated emojis that take poop emojis to the next level. This cast of characters was designed to help people living with chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) have “smoother” conversations with their doctors. But it’s not just for patients with CIC – anyone who wants to convey different bowel movements and the emotions that go along with them can download and use them, too!

We also created a special set of poop characters inspired by famous anchormen to help spread the message even further. Can you guess who they are?

When you have constipation, how do you let your family, friends and doctor know what you’re going through—both physically and emotionally? It’s a difficult conversation to have. And sometimes words alone just aren’t enough.

Now you can take constipation conversations to a whole new level!
Download the Poop Troop keyboard for your iPhone or Android Phone


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