2016 was possibly one of the craziest years in recent memory, so the amazing agency Bernstein-Rein wanted to say goodbye in a way that could make 2017 a little better. They commissioned me to illustrate 16 weirdest things that happened and now they are giving everyone their say on which was the most shocking thing in a year of madness.
Each event is connected  to a charity and will make a holiday donation to the winner. Go play!

The presidential election race and Rihanna dabbing at Drake at VMA

The Pokemon GO app and the historical Chicago Bears World Series win

Leonardo DiCaprio winning Best Actor Oscar and the WikiLeaks emails scandal

Brexit and the Jay Z cheating stunt

The awful Batman VS Superman movie and Apple dropping the headphone jack

The Kim Kardashian's feud with Taylor Swift and the death of many loved celebrities

The death of many loved musicians and the killing of Arambe at the Cincinnati Zoo

Ryan Lochte's embarassing false robbery report and Bob Dylan skipping the Nobel Ceremony

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