Hello Stranger! My life's mission is to spread happiness through quirky characters.

Picture Organic Capsule Collection
Opopop Popcorn Characters
Anxiety Temporary Tattoos
Art Furniture with Pictoom
Illustrations for Barilla
The Happy Broadcast Book
House Of Bunnies Game
Buccia - Character creation and animation
Quarantine Stickers x Snapchat
AT&T’s Dream in Black 28
Weed Sticker Set
Mr. Pearfect: YouTube Super Stickers
50 States Holiday Filters - Snapchat
You Don't Mess With Cauliflower
World Record Egg Animations
Le Cinque Terre Poster
Shoutable Shouts!
Children’s Cookbook: Cucchiaino d'Argento
Hidden Valley Ranchology Rewards
Mutti Stickers
Italy - Postepay Social Campaign
GIPHY Animated Stickers
2019 Snapchat Mass Snaps
Internet Bill Of Rights
Poop Troop Emoji
Mumble Bees - Snapchat
GO DINOS! Discovery Kids Show
Snapchat Thanksgiving
Amino Spuds Emoji
Snapchat World Cup Stickers
Snapchat Lgbt Pride Month
McDonald's Hamburger Day
Poste Italiane: Italian Food
Snapchat St.Patrick's Day Stickers
Digital Cloud Animated Icons
Google Allo Stickers: Caffeine Rush
STC - Square Triangle Circle game
Google Doodle Fruit Games
Say it with Pasta! Barilla Sticker
WeTransfer relaunch illustrations
Kewe Animated Stickers Pack
Google Allo Stickers: Fun-der the sea
Run 4 Prez - Trump vs. Clinton game
Fun puns and Illustrations
Pizza Rat Race game (Free)
Line Stickers - Mini Friends (Free Download)
Shit & Fuck
Veggie Friends
The Big Meal
XTRAPOP Stickers
Line Stickers - Missy & Rusty
Line Stickers - Best Friends For Life (Free Download)
Into The Food
The Iron Tummy iPad Game
Atom Plastic Identity
Pop icons essential pack (140 icons) + App
TIM Rainbow
Toyota Autobiographies Video
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